PHOTOSYN.   – writing project, lab report


With in this semester writing in English hasn’t been my strongest but with lab reports I always seemed to do good on them. With that being said lab reports in general are my strength overall. They do consume a lot of time, 5 to 7 hours for me, but its a process just like every kind of writing is. For this particular lab my weakness was my discussion. This seemed to always be the spot where I got the most comments, either I would write to much or not enough. My strength for this lab was all the other parts, the introduction, methods and results, these came easy to me and just took some outlining.


Peer reviews

What is food really 2nd Draft

essay 2 draft 1 project 2-2    

Essay 2 Draft 1-2

KAYLA (first) WYATT (2)

Project #3- English 110

ENG 110 H-5 Project 3


Project 2

Pollen (english project 2) project 2 first draft

Pollen-english-project-2- (Recovered) final draft


Project 3 

500 words

project 3-300 thoughtful words project 3-english


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